Financial or Money Coaching

The idea of money can create strong feelings in us, do we have enough, do we have too much, are we planning for the future or are we ignoring our future financial needs?

Feeling bewildered about having to manage your finances?

Going through a divorce and now you have to manage your own money?

Worried about your spending habits?

Waking up in the night feeling anxious about your spending? Keep checking your account?

Have a partner who puts their head in the sand and is getting in debt?

Don’t put your aspirations on hold, now is the time to take some positive action.

Our family history has a bearing on how we think about money. Did your family talk freely about money or was it never mentioned? Does money cause you anxiety or do you treat it as though it is never ending?

We are all different and all have different family backgrounds influencing how we think about and respond to money issues.

A financial or money coach can work alongside you to help you to:

  • Build a spending plan to enable you to feel more informed and in control of your spending.
  • Feel excited about your relationship with money especially if this isn’t something you have been used to managing.
  • Achieve your life plan by helping you to developing your vision for the life you want. A financial plan is informed by your life plan.
  • Understand your relationship with money and how to change it.
  • Think about any inheritance and what it means to you. This can sometimes be a confusing time.
  • Work with your partner to develop your joint goals for the future.

If you have any questions or want to make an appointment just get in touch.