Couple Counselling

Sometimes couples find it difficult to negotiate life’s challenges and seek counselling at some point in their relationship to try to find a way forward together.

There are many life stages where couples may seek some support:

Planning to live together

It is helpful to plan carefully and talk through your expectations of how you each see your new life together. You may want to discuss;

  • How you arrange your finances?
  • Your expectations of how often you go out with your friends?
  • How involved will your extended family be in your new life?

Having a child and fertility issues

  • What are your attitudes to having children?
  • How important is it for you to have children?
  • When might you have children and do you agree on the principles of bringing them up?
  • What will you do if you struggle to conceive?


Many of the couples we work with “lose each other” in times of stress, especially after having children.

  • Do you really listen and talk with each other often?
  • Might you need some support in helping you reconnect with one another?
  • Is your intimate life needing some attention?


Is one or other of you struggling with issues around your sexuality?

This can be difficult to talk about and the support of a counsellor can help you to have a more open conversations and find solutions together.

Couples we have worked with describe feeling more valued, respected and loved by their partner and kindness is returned with kindness. It can really make a difference to how you feel in your relationship.

If you would like to arrange some couple counselling sessions do contact us either by email or telephone and we will offer you an appointment with one of our experienced couple therapists.

Thank you to our therapist at the Practice, it’s been both challenging and enlightening. We want to thank you for giving us possibilities for the future, coming together as a couple again as well as being our own people.