Counselling and Psychotherapy Online

At the Crescent Practice our team of experienced counsellors and psychotherapists are able to provide online counselling.

This offers the opportunity to all clients to speak to a therapist without meeting them face to face.

We are committed to providing the best solution for all clients in terms of their requirements and online counselling opens up the opportunity to receive high standard therapeutic support for clients if they cannot attend appointments in person.

Some people prefer to receive counselling or psychotherapy online for different reasons:

  • Lack of time can prevent some people from being able to schedule a Practice based appointment or travel to see a counsellor.
  • Physical difficulties may prevent some people from travelling or they may prefer the comfort of their own home.
  • Shyness or embarrassment can affect how people prefer to receive counselling, for some, online or remote counselling feels more discreet.
  • Agoraphobia or social anxiety. Many phobias and some mental health issues may prevent some people from travelling or spending time in new environments.

If you would like to book an initial online consultation please get in touch with the Practice.

Online counselling is also known as internet counselling, e-counselling, web therapy or remote therapy, this kind of counselling is a good solution for people who need counselling but cannot get to a therapist’s office or those who prefer to keep in contact at a distance from wherever they are.

Thank you so very much to my counsellor, being able to access counselling on-line has been a complete game changer.