Divorce and Separation

Relationships struggle for different reasons; lack of communication, an affair, or the relationship comes to a natural end.

Separation and divorce can be a highly stressful time, you may experience a wide range of emotions whilst you go through this process.

Initial consultation

The family consultant will meet you for an initial consultation (either on your own or with your partner) and work out together what options you have for moving forward in your separation, divorce or civil partnership dissolution so that you feel in control of the process.

Our approach

Your family consultant will take a flexible and thoughtful approach to working with you through the relationship breakdown process. If you are seen as a couple they will aim to support you both, to hear and be heard by each other to ensure you get the best possible outcomes for you and your children, if you have them. If you are parents you can discuss how you may continue as ‘parent colleagues or co-parents’ to your children after your relationship has ended.

Attending to the emotional side

Adopting a collaborative approach and attending to the emotional side of separation and divorce with your family consultant will free up the lawyers, if you choose to appoint them, to attend to the legal side. This way the process is less likely to get held up and it will keep the legal costs down. Your family consultant can be alongside you when you meet with your lawyers if you think this would be helpful.

Collaborative team

The family consultants are part of a collaborative team of professionals which includes therapists, child, young person and family counsellors, Resolution-trained collaborative lawyers, mediators, financial advisors and financial coaches.

The future

Appointments can be as regular as you feel you would like but this is not counselling or therapy and is intended to be short-term work.

For more information on separation and divorce, including financial coaching, visit Separation Options

My Family Consultant was a tower of strength and support. Words are not enough to express my thanks for helping me through a difficult couple of years and a total re-evaluation of my life.