Consultancy at The Crescent Practice

The team at the Crescent Practice is able to provide Consultancy to individuals, staff groups with a range of organisations in public, voluntary and private sectors in organisational and leadership development, strategy and vision, team development, conflict management.

Individual Consultancy

Individual consultancy offers the opportunity to consider and reflect on workplace dilemmas or processes. It helps managers or individual team members to understand workplace dynamics and patterns of relating.

Consultancy about workplace issues can help improve work/life balance, job satisfaction and productivity, confidence and self-esteem.

Organisational Consultancy and Staff Group Facilitation

Organisations are complex, dynamic systems operating in a diverse and rapidly changing environment.

Specialist consulting and support can help organisations; teams and staff at all levels achieve their potentials and manage stresses.

The Crescent Practice Team can facilitate:

  1. Reflection on organisation effectiveness, leadership styles and context.
  2. Exploration and develop action planning in relation to required changes.

The team is also able to provide employee counselling on a one off or contracted basis.