Counselling For Children, Young People And Families

Children and Young People Under Lockdown – The emotional impact of COVID-19

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and self-isolation we recognise that now more than ever we must to pay attention to our wellbeing and give space for thinking and talking. This is especially so for our children and young people who will be experiencing their own emotional confusions or traumas at this time.

The current Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis has a potentially long-term negative impact on children and young people around the world.

The COVID-19 outbreak brings many complex challenges both physical and emotional for children and young people. It has brought a rapidly changing situation, including changes to children and young people’s social lives, daily routines, and access to education as well as challenges linked to families spending extended periods at home. These different pressures will be experienced by children and young people and may lead to changes in mood, behaviour, and changes in emotional responses.

Many parents and carers will be considering how to support their children’s mental health during this time. General routines can help children and young people feel safe, secure and reassured, this may include usual getting up and bedtime routines, differentiating between weekday and weekend activities, and for those children and young people who have co-parenting arrangements, keeping to usual contact arrangements, as long as it is safe to, will help maintain consistency and routine. It is really important during this crises, to talk regularly and age appropriately to children and young people, explaining as much as you can about how and why things are as they are and to involve them in thinking about decisions that may need to be made which will impact their lives.

Counselling can very helpful for children and young people, this is especially so during these unprecedented times. If you feel your child would benefit from talking to a counsellor at this time, it is very easy to arrange an appointment. The Counsellor will speak with you prior to an initial consultation with your child and sessions will take place via video calling, using talking therapy, and or creative play to help the child or young person to explore their feelings and find relief for difficult and confusing emotions.

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation for your child or teenager please contact us either by email or telephone and we will offer you an appointment with one of our experienced therapists.

My 8 year old daughter had 4 sessions of counselling and she now seems much more settled and able to move between our house and her Dad’s without the distress she felt before