Counselling For Children, Young People And Families

At the Crescent Practice in Brighton and Horsham, and at other locations across Sussex, we have a team of counsellors who work with children, young people and families. Our counsellors are experienced in working with the issues that children and families have to manage as they move through the separation process. They use art and other creative ways to help children explore and understand the changes happening in their lives.

Positive Outcomes for Children

Sometimes children need to know that they have a space outside of the family to take their concerns. They can feel that they are to blame for the break up or sometimes they feel a need to protect their parents from their worries. Counselling gives them a space in which to talk privately without fear of upsetting either parent.

Positive Outcomes for Families

Separation and divorce are difficult for the whole family, and sometimes parents might struggle to put into words what impact the changes may have, particularly if a new partner is being introduced.

Family counselling gives all family members (this can include grandparents) a space in which to explore their concerns, ask questions and think about the changes from each other’s perspective.

My 8 year old daughter had 4 sessions of counselling and she now seems much more settled and able to move between our house and her Dad’s without the distress she felt before