Couple Counselling

Your couple relationship under lockdown – every couple needs counselling at some point.

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and self-isolation we recognise that now more than ever we must to pay attention to our wellbeing and give space for thinking and talking.

The current Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak brings with it complex challenges both physical and emotional. For many of us there will be times of increased anxiety, health concerns and perhaps financial worries. These may also be testing times for couples spending more time at home together and keeping communication healthy is even more important.

It can help to make a plan for the day in advance, ensure you both have some individual as well as couple time. Keep talking to one another, in normal times we use distractions like going off to work, chatting with friends to manage little frustrations, these frustrations can grow into huge explosions if they are kept inside. Treat one another with kindness, you may be surprised to notice what a difference this makes. Couples we have worked with describe feeling more valued, respected and loved by their partner and kindness is returned with kindness. It can really make a difference to how you feel in your relationship.

If you would like to arrange some couple counselling sessions do contact us either by email or telephone and we will offer you an appointment with one of our experienced couple therapists.