Couple Counselling

The team at the Crescent Practice are able to offer counselling and psychotherapy for couples in any kind of relationship.

There are many different reasons why couples decide to seek the help of a counsellor or psychotherapist. Some couples come because communication has become very difficult between them.  Sometimes arguments are very difficult to control, and for some may lead to violence. Others find they’re in conflict over the children, leaving them concerned about the impact on their families. Sometimes an affair is the trigger for seeking help.

There can be other reasons for wanting help:

  • The birth of a new baby
  • Children leaving home
  • Moving into retirement
  • Becoming unemployed
  • Life changes requiring new adjustments
  • Loss of intimacy
  • A belief that the relationship has broken down
  • Pre-nuptial counselling
  • Struggles with separation or divorce
  • Loss of sexual desire and other sexual problems

The range of problems couples bring is as wide as the diversity and differences between people. Working together with a counsellor or psychotherapist can help partners towards a deeper understanding of each other and can lead to new ways of thinking and fresh solutions.

It can feel like a big step to get professional help for what may be the most private area of your life. If you are unsure then you can explore whether getting help is right for you at your first appointment – where the counsellor helps you think about what would be most helpful for you in your current situation.