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Your Emotional Wellbeing Under Lockdown – Counselling and Psychotherapy can help

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and self-isolation we recognise that now more than ever we must to pay attention to our wellbeing and give space for thinking and talking.

The pandemic COVID-19 has simultaneously induced an epidemic of anxiety, which is highly significant as the outbreak brings with it complex challenges both physical and emotional. In response, there have been many articles encouraging people to engage in self-care. Acknowledging our state of collective anxiety, many suggest “quick tips” like “eat nutritious foods, yoga, meditation, count your blessings,” and other guidance of this kind. This advice is valuable and can bring relief to anxiety.

However, it is also important to consider that the recent and on-going traumatic events may well lead to levels of distress which can be persistent and debilitating causing daily life to become very difficult, and lead to potentially overwhelming feeling. These often will include:

  • Signs of anxiety
    Persistent worry or feeling overwhelmed by emotions.
    Excessive worry about a number of concerns, such as health problems or finances, and a general sense that something bad is going to happen.
    Difficulty concentrating, sleep problems and generally feeling on edge.
  • Signs of a panic attack
    Sweating, trembling, shortness of breath or a feeling of choking.
    A pounding heart or rapid heart rate, and feelings of dread.
    Such attacks often happen suddenly, without warning.
  • Signs of depression
    A lack of interest and pleasure in daily activities.
    Insomnia or excessive sleeping.
    Lack of energy or an inability to concentrate.
    Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt.
    Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide.

The enormity of living in isolation, changes to our daily lives, job losses, financial hardship and grief of the death of loved ones has the potential to affect mental health and our general wellbeing in many ways.

Counselling and Psychotherapy will support you to consider, and find relief from, the impact the COVID-19 outbreak is having upon you personally at this time. Counselling and psychotherapy appointments are easily arranged and can take place via the telephone or by video calling.

If you would like to arrange an initial counselling consultation please do contact us by email and we will offer you an appointment with one of our experienced therapists.