Understanding Children’s Needs When Parents Separate, Emilia Dowling and Di Elliott, Speechmark. This book addresses the age range up to 18 years and takes a developmental perspective to ensure that reactions at each age and stage are considered

  • Children need both parents.
  • It is never the children’s fault
  • Separation and divorce have a major impact on children’s lives
  • It is how the separation and divorce are handled by the adults that makes a difference to the outcome for the children

Parenting Apart, Christina McGhee, ISBN 978009193983, Vermillion, How Separated and Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids.

Books for Children

My Parents Divorce, Julia Cole, ISBN 0761308695, Copper Beech Books For 4-8 years. Discusses why divorce happens, how to cope with it, and how to deal with difficult feelings.

How do I feel about my stepfamily?, Julie Johnson, ISBN 0749636297, Franklin Watts For 4-8 years. Young people in stepfamilies describe how they cope with having stepbrothers, stepsisters, stepparents and offer tips on dealing with change in your family.

Suitcase Kid, Jacqueline Wilson ISBN 0440863112, Corgi Juvenile For 9-12 years. A hard look at joint-custody life, the book follows Andrea West and her tiny stuffed rabbit, Radish, through the painful adjustment of being a kid with divorced parents.

Step by Wicked Step, Anne Fine ISBN 0140366474, Puffin books For 9-12 years. Five children gather around a mysterious diary and share an evening of stories about their lives and trials, discovering common bonds in adversity. This is a story about the effects of divorce and remarriage upon children.

My divorce was really difficult and conversation with my ex husband seemed impossible but we managed to get through it in the end