Divorce and Separation Options

Make or break – relationship breakdown under lockdown

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and self-isolation we recognise that now more than ever we must to pay attention to our wellbeing and give space for thinking and talking.

The current Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak brings with it complex challenges both physical and emotional. For many of us there will be times of increased anxiety, health concerns and perhaps financial worries. These may also be testing times for couples spending more time at home together and keeping communication healthy is even more important.

You may have been discussing separation or have decided through these difficult times that your relationship is no longer working for you and separation or divorce is the only way forward. Spending every moment with a partner that you have decided you do not want to be with is very challenging.

In ordinary times going out with friends or leaving the house to go about your day are likely to have been instrumental in keeping your relationship together. Each person will have their own unique situation and will need their own specific plan for moving forward.

We can support you to have an open conversation with your partner to acknowledge how each of you is feeling and how difficult it is living under the same roof during this time. There may be specific triggers that you react to which may be important to identify. You may want to think with us about what life might be like when you come out the other side. We can discuss any parenting plans or ideas you may have for your children if you have them.

If you would like to have an initial conversation do contact us by email or telephone on 01273 711051 and we will offer you an appointment with one of our experienced couple therapists. We are used to talking with people as they are walking or when sitting in their car.

In talking our difficulties through with Kim we have been able to save a considerable amount of money in legal costs